Outside Air Kits

Our Eco-steel Outside Air Kits are designed for use with Isokern Fireplaces which burn wood, liquid propane or natural gas. They assist your Isokern Fireplace in burning more evenly and help prevent back draft smoking, caused by negative pressure from tightly sealed homes. The Outside Air Kit comes available with either a Matte Black Steel or Stainless Steel door for the inside of the fireplace.

Outside Ait Kit
Stainless Steel Door
Part# OAKS


Outside Ait Kit
Matte Black Steel Door
Part# OAKB


Extension Kit
Additional 20′ Length
Part# OAKX


We have owned an Isokern Fireplace in our home for over 9 years now. We like the Isokern pre-engineered firebox produces a consistent fire draw. In the past we had experienced some poor draws in our existing fireplaces and wanted a better fire experience. We also liked that the interior firebrick could be customized to give you various looks for the fireplace. We would definitely consider another Isokern Fireplace for our outside porch.

Barbara and Bob Dougherty

We have been working with Earthcore for many years. On the product end, the Isokern Masonry products they manufacture are second to none. The precision in which they build their components is unlike anything we have ever tried.

On the business end, we love the staff at Earthcore! From the employees I met at their factory, to the owner of the company I had the pleasure of meeting at a trade show in Nashville, TN……this company is a great organization that I look forward to growing with for many years to come.

Hill Dickerson
Dickerson Hearth Products

I’ve been woking with Earthcore for years. Claudia has been very helpful making things go smoothly out in the field and in helping with choosing the right fireplace to achieve the best looks. I have had great feedback from past customers on the product and plan on continuing to use these fireplace units.

Bruce Winfrey
Winfrey Design Build

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