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A gas-fired fireplace creates a flame that’s just the right size. Not too high. Not too low. But to achieve the perfect fire, you need the perfect draft. That’s why Isokern and Enervex, two leaders in the fireplace and venting industries, have teamed up to ensure proper chimney draft.

Maintaining proper and safe draft conditions for the fireplace while providing combustion air are massive challenges in today’s tight construction. Now you can set new standards in fireplace safety and energy savings for your gas fireplace or other gas-fired decorative appliances. Meet Intellidraft, ENERVEX’s Modulating Fireplace Draft and Safety System.

IntelliDraft is an economical, environmentally friendly intelligent draft solution that quietly maintains perfect draft for fireplaces while keeping homes from chimney downdraft and fireplace spillage. It is the first completely automated venting control system for use with gas fireplaces and is ideal for single-family dwellings.

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