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Isokern vs Firerock

We know that choosing the appropriate fireplace for your building project is one of the most important decisions you will make when embarking on a capital plan. That’s why we hope you’ll choose Isokern over our competitors.

A frequent question that we answer is, “Why should I choose Isokern over FireRock?”  Well, the proof is in the pumice.

In their brand comparison E-book, Firerock claims to use pumice mixed with ‘other materials’ to achieve strength and durability, but we know that’s just not right.

According to aboutpumice.com, when blocks are made with lightweight pumice aggregate, sufficient compressive strength is retained as the weight goes down. At the same time, thermal conductivity goes down, all because of the natural structure of pumice. Pumice aggregate also provides up to 4x the insulation value of standard aggregates or a standard concrete mix, is freeze-and-thaw cycle resistant, and eliminates or reduces moisture condensation on structure walls and ceilings. If that’s the case then we’d hate to see how their blocks would perform mixed with other materials!

When it comes to your fireplace, choose the company that makes fire better, since 1989.

Trust the Original.

Trust Isokern.

Understanding the Difference:

Isokern components are made with a clean, highly refractive pumice aggregate mixture, guaranteed to produce a unique and stunning fireplace that is clearly above the competition. Review the chart below and see why when comparing Isokern vs Firerock, Isokern wins again and again.


Lifetime Warranty
Owned & Manufactured in the USA
Over 80 Years of experience
Perfected method of molding
Quality Controlled Manufacturing Plant
High Altitude Icelandic Volcanic Pumice (Stable)
High Concrete Content (Higher Breakage)
Proportionate Engineering (Flue Size to Firebox Ratio)
Architectural Support
Consistent Ownership
Original Design
Outdoor Only

ULC S610
ANSI Z223.1
ANSI Z21.50
Multi-story/Multi-Family Systems
EPA Voluntary Wood Burning Fireplace Program
Qualified Phase 2


And even after all of that, don’t forget Isokern offers world class sales and technical support.  If you ever have any qualms about exactly why an Isokern product would be perfect for you, just drop us a line or give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you out. Or better yet, find one of our dealers, walk in and SEE why we are just plain better!

And now you know exactly why you should choose Isokern instead of FireRock!