About Us.


Earthcore – A Name Built On Trust

Our fireplaces are designed for your home, but our company was designed around your needs. After 70 years of unparalleled performance in the construction industry, Earthcore’s Isokern line has become the most trusted modular system in the world. Since 1989, we have proudly provided exceptional products combined with unmatched customer service from our 10 solution centers and dedicated network of over 400 dealers.

pumice fireplace

Born in the Fiery Heart of Mt. Hekla

Extracted from Iceland’s Mt. Hekla volcano, Earthcore products are made from genuine volcanic pumice. Earthcore has exclusive rights to mine this high-grade material from a 25-mile long volcanic fissure and the volcano itself, which rises to a height of 5,000 feet. Estimated at approximately 7,000 years old, central volcanoes like Mt. Hekla can remain active for around 100,000 years. With durability like that, it’s no wonder our fireplaces are guaranteed for life.


Pumice – Naturally Better

Pumice is a natural insulator. This is the unique property that separates pumice from all other chimney and fireplace materials. The insulating properties of Pumice allow the flue gases in the chimney to quickly reach their optimum temperature enabling the heating appliance to reach its optimum performance shortly after lighting. It also keeps the chimney warmer longer as the heat output of the appliance decreases – once again aiding performance and reducing the likelihood of condensation and soot build-up. Pumice has very little expansion and contraction with temperature change. This reduces the possibility of cracking and structural damage that can occur with other products. Pumice is a natural insulator, able to maintain the temperature of flue gases when other products have allowed the temperature to fall below the dew point.

Earthcore Virginia

From the Center of the Earth to Chesapeake, Virginia

Our pumice ships directly from the source to the Earthcore manufacturing facility in Chesapeake, Virginia, where it’s pressed into modular fireplace and chimney components. This process takes place in our efficient state-of-the-art environment and operates under strict quality-controlled guidelines—resulting in Earthcore’s environmentally safe, incredibly efficient fireplaces, chimneys, kitchen panels, and wood-burning oven components.

Message From Our CEO

To those of you who have used an Isokern product over the past 25 years in North America, I want to say thank you for allowing Earthcore into your life. The special moments you spend around our fireplaces with your friends and family are the foundation of our company. In the spirit of forging new fireside memories, I invite you to explore this website and see what we have to offer. I also recommend visiting one of our 10 national solution centers for more personalized custom design services. Whether you’re planning an awe-inspiring living area in your dream home, designing the great room of a ski lodge or anything in between, we can help. Earthcore has a network of over 400 dealers across North America, all ready to fuel your creativity and spark your imagination for the perfect fireplace. Contact us today and see why Isokern rises above the rest.

Carl R. Spadaro
Founder and CEO of Earthcore

Standing The Test of Time

Through years of dedication, R&D, quality control and stringent testing, Earthcore’s products have turned up the heat on the industry by making products that are easy to install, lightweight, safe, affordable and built to last. We guarantee each Earthcore product with a Lifetime Warranty that protects against manufacturer defects, so you can expect countless years of joy as you celebrate the timeless pleasures of a beautiful fire with Isokern.

Setting The Standard

Earthcore continues to improve upon 70 years of Isokern technology. All of our Isokern products are tested and listed to the highest standards in the U.S. and Canada. We are listed to: UL 127, UL 103HT, ULC S610, ANSI Z223.1, ANSI Z21.50, ASTM2558. All Isokern fireplaces are EPA Phase 2 qualified as well. Plus, Isokern Fireplace & Chimney System modular components are specially designed to make installation a breeze.

Custom Made Service

At Earthcore, fireplaces are more than reflective of heat. They are works of art. Put your signature on a truly one-of-a-kind fireplace with our Isokern customization services. To see how we can help you construct your personal masterpiece, contact your local distributor/dealer for details.