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Fireplaces are the heart of the home, bringing families together and helping them make many treasured, lifelong memories in front of the hearth.

Earthcore brings to you, the finest and most enduring contemporary fireplaces designed to warm your homes and light up your lives. Our fireplaces are deliberately designed to highlight your home’s aesthetics, accentuate its architecture and give your home that often rare refined ambiance.

They provide the perfect recipe for keeping your family together and making your home even more beautiful and inviting. On cold winter nights, you and your family can sit around the indoor fireplace to connect and stay warm.

During the spring, summer, and fall, you can sit outside under the starry skies, roasting marshmallows and having fun in front of the outdoor fireplace.

Our range of luxury fireplace designs and technology are modern and uniquely fit to deliver joy and warmth to your home and lives. Featuring a wide selection of contemporary, sleek fireplaces, Isokern Fireplaces, as well as traditional designs, customizing your fireplace to meet your home’s requirements, should be very easy.

Our innovative product design allows you to install an Earthcore fireplace wherever you want in your home. Check out one of the best products with ventless gas fireplace is ready to install at your home.

Isokern Standard Series

This is the proprietary modular Isokern Fireplace designed to take your home’s aesthetic to new levels. Extracted from Iceland’s Mt. Hekla volcano, Isokern products are made from the cleanest, purest pumice. It offers a combination of elegance, luxury as well as a tinge of the traditional fireplace. This can be customized and designed to fit your tastes and requirements. As a result, Isokern allows architects and their clients to pursue their most inspired designs, while connecting with the natural beauty of fire in a way that, until now,only nature could. The Isokern Standard Series takes your home to a whole new level, and transforms it into a magazine worthy home.

Magnum Series

The Magnum Series belongs in the category of luxury fireplaces designed to add some opulence to your home. This comes in various sizes and openings and is incredible at adding even more elegance to your home.

MAXIMUS Series (Direct Vent)

Elegance, beauty, sophistication all rolled into one. This is what defines the Maximum Series. This gas fireplace is the first ever masonry fireplace with direct vent. This is the definition of contemporary and exclusive fireplace. Want to have a fireplace that’s truly unique, the gas powered Maximum Series masonry fireplace is the one to get.


The BVETTO Series not only gives warmth to your home, but does so stylishly and gracefully. This is the luxury fireplace that commands respect, admiration and transforms your home into an object of wonder.

The Vent-Free Series

The Ventless Fireplaces series are the definition of energy efficiency, flexibility and space management. These are designed to keep the heat with your home and rooms. Homeowners with smaller homes that would not otherwise take vented models will find these perfect for their homes.

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To help you better determine which type of fireplace and accessories might be right for your home or building project, we’ve created this Product Selector that walks you through the decision-making process. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with some of Earthcore’s products in making this important decision. Discover the fireplace that best match your needs today.


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