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February 20, 2018

Isokern FAQ: Discovering Why Your Fireplace Smokes

Everyone likes to enjoy a nice relaxing evening by the fire. This experience is sometimes put to the test with a fireplace that spills smoke out into the room. There are a few steps you can take as the homeowner to help figure out which factor is affecting your fireplace.
  1. Closed or Partially Open Dampers. We have all done this a time or two, but forgetting to completely open the damper is a common cause of smoking. Make sure to open the damper completely and that there are no visual obstructions.
  2. Your house is well insulated. In the new build homes that are relatively air tight, they may not be able to supply enough outside air to the fire resulting in a negative pressure in the home. Well insulated homes can benefit from an outside air supply vent installed in the fireplace to help satisfy the fire's needs.
  3. Try opening a window in the fireplace room while burning. If the fireplace starts to draw better, this is likely the problem.
  4. Running exhaust fans while burning a fire. If there is a running kitchen or bathroom exhaust fan this could be the cause of your fireplace smoke. Another culprit may be the blower fan of a forced hot air heating system especially if the furnace return vent is in the same room as the fireplace. These types of fans can very easily create a powerful negative pressure hindering the fireplace from drafting correctly. If you make sure that all of these types of fans are off while the fireplace is burning, the smoke problem may go away.
  5. It's too warm outside. For example, in Florida or mild climates people know all too well that even fireplaces that draft great when its cold outside can be known to puff out fireplace smoke when it's slightly warmer out. The greater the temperature differential from the inside room temperature and the outdoor temperature, the better the fireplace will draft. Take notice of the outside temperature when burning the fireplace. Having a fire when it's colder out may help.
  6. Wet firewood. It is not uncommon for the smoking problem to be wet firewood. A fire that appears to smolder or make hissing sounds wile burning may have a high water content. Such a fire simply can't generate sufficient heat to allow the chimney to draw well. If you hit two smaller pieces of dry firewood together, you should hear a crisp, sharp sound. If you hear a dull "thud" the wood is most likely wet. Try building a fire with wood that you are positive is dry that has been under cover.
  7. Unattended Chimney. As you burn fires over the seasons creosote builds up inside the chimney and can restrict the flow of gases. This build-up of creosote not only can lead to smoking but can also lead to a chimney fire.  An annual inspection and chimney sweep is recommended to keep your fireplace in tip top shape.
These are just some of the steps you can take to figure out your smoking fireplace. With all the new construction and tightly built homes we strive to educate the construction industry to supply enough make-up air to properly draft a fireplace. This is a common issue in recent years is the responsibility of the builder/contractor to ensure that adequate air supply has been provided for the fireplace. As the manufacturer we are not responsible for any smoking related problems that may result from the lack of adequate air supply flowing into the house.

July 13, 2017

Isokern Maximus Shows at PCBC 2017

We are very pleased by the recent success and turnout at the PCBC (Pacific Coast Builder Conference) in San Diego, CA.

May 5, 2017

Earthcore Shows at A’17 in Orlando

We are very pleased by the recent success and turnout at the AIA Conference on Architecture show in Orlando, FL. For any that were not able to attend this event, we have produced the Isokern AIA Video to showcase the products we had on display.  We are excited about our next event this June, PCBC in San Diego to showcase our amazing products.

February 27, 2017

Earthcore Shows at IBS 2017

We are very pleased by the recent success and turnout at the IBS (International Builder Show) in Orlando, FL. For any that were not able to attend this event, we have produced the Isokern IBS Video to showcase the products we had on display.  We are excited about our future opportunities and look forward to the next event to showcase our amazing products. [embed][/embed]

October 31, 2016

Maximus Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

Isokern Fireplaces & Chimneys by Earthcore is pleased to announce the Maximus Series, First-Ever Masonry Direct Vent Gas Fireplace.  Maximus, connects you with the beautiful, captivating, power of fire in the comfort of your home while offering an expansive ceramic glass opening with Invisi-Barrier and Triple Stadium Burner for exceptional appearance and flame presentation. With an array of options, the Maximus provides endless possibilities for making your space warm and inviting. Read More

July 14, 2016

Magnum 60/72 Product Update

After 70 years of unparalleled performance in the construction industry, Isokern Fireplaces by Earthcore have become the most trusted modular masonry system in the world. The awe-inspiring Isokern Magnum Series Fireplace offers the largest openings available in the market up to 61" wide (60" model) and 73-1/4" wide (72" model). Read More

December 17, 2014

Designing Spaces Wins Big at Telly Awards

Earthcore Industries received a special note from Designing Spaces in-regards to our involvement with the remodel of Purple Heart Veteran Jeffery Taylor's home back in September of 2013. Here's what they had to say:
We are very proud to share some exciting news with you today. The Telly Awards is the premiere award that honors creative excellence in film & video productions each year. One of the most sought-after awards in the industry, the Telly Awards represent the best work from advertising agencies, production companies, television stations, cable companies and corporations around the world. We are honored that our home improvement show Designing Spaces® was recognized with winning this prestigious award for its outstanding quality programs. With over 12,000 entries across the U.S. and abroad, less than 10% of entries are chosen as winners of the Silver Telly, the highest honor.
  • Designing Spaces has won a total of 35 Telly Awards in the past 2 years, including 5 Silver Telly Awards, the top honor.
  • That puts our show in the illustrious company of brands such as: Scripps Productions, American Heart Association, Bravo TV, Food Network, HBO and Showtime.
A Special “Thank You” to all our Partners for their participation in the Designing Spaces® show as these distinctions would not be possible without them.