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DM54 Chimney System

DM54 Chimney System

ApplicationsModelVenting & Fuel

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • 2 Sided Available
  • Custom Finish
  • Combustible Floor Installation
  • 28
  • 36
  • 42
  • 46
  • 48
  • 60
  • 72
  • Liquid Propane
  • Wood
  • Natural Gas
  • Unvented
  • Isokern DM Chimney
  • Metal Chimney
DM54 Chimney System

Isokern has 2 different size flue liners for the DM54 Chimney System with a choice of either 12" or 14" diameters:

The 12" can be used on Isokern Fireplaces with a hearth opening up to 36".
The 14" can be used on all of the larger Isokern Fireplaces, such as the 42" - 46" Isokern Standard Series and the 36" - 72" Magnum Series.

The proprietary double inner flue liner and outer casing will allow expansion without cracking and supersedes the Standard Testing for UL 103HT (High Temperature).  Isokern's many years of experience using pumice also guarantees high R (insulation) values and offers "zero clearance" for ease of installation.

The registered design of the DM system consists of separate outer casings and inner flue blocks, which allows for vertical and horizontal thermal expansion.  The tongue and groove construction paired with the staggered joints provides maximum security against escaping smoke and Carbon Dioxide gasses.

All of our chimney systems have a Brick Ledge option, as well as Concrete pre-fab Caps.

Isokern gives a 10 year warranty on production and fabrication with proof of semi-annual cleaning.

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