• Revolutionary indoor and outdoor modular refractory fireplaces. Made from the cleanest, purest pumice, sourced exclusively in Iceland, Earthcore’s Isokern® masonry components cradle the raw power of fire in the safest, most energy-efficient material on earth. Totally customizable, Isokern allows architects to pursue their most inspired designs. While connecting the homeowner with the natural beauty of fire in a way that, until now, only nature could.

  • Take outdoor dining out of the ordinary. Easy to install, eye-catching and completely customizable, Earthcore’s Isopanel® Modular Kitchen can be conveniently installed in less than one day—giving you endless opportunity for designing your outdoor dream kitchen. Using Isokern Panels and Clips, on-site assembly is a breeze and personalization comes with the territory. If you can think it, you can do it.

  • Transform your backyard into your own personal pizzeria. Putting a new twist on an old tradition, Earthcore’s Iso’ven® Wood-Burning Pizza Oven can be installed in a matter of hours. To achieve this, we use only the finest insulating and lightweight materials. And, as with all Earthcore products, it’s designed to last a lifetime. This perfect marriage between old world style and modern technology makes the perfect pizza a delicious reality.

  • All the beauty of a natural wood fire with all the benefits of gas. Convenient, durable and realistic, Earthcore’s Isoflames® gas logs are made to look like actual wood — including cracks, fibers, circles, bark and knots so realistic, they look like they were made by Mother Nature herself. Made from a special high heat material, each log allows for a greater radiant temperature, offering a more efficient burn, while adding more warmth to your home.

We Make Fire… Better.


The need to connect with fire is elemental to the human experience. While we can never touch fire ourselves, it invariably finds ways to touch us—kindling our memories, igniting our passions, warming our hearts. Earthcore® strives to reconnect you with the beautiful, captivating, power of fire—in the comfort of your home. Safely. Efficiently. Artfully. Naturally.


With an inexhaustible passion to make any design you can dream of possible. Using only the finest building materials, Earthcore’s reputation for innovation and superior quality make us more than the unquestioned leader in the custom fireplace and outdoor kitchen and grill category. They make us the #1 choice of architects, designers and builders since 1989.




New to the Earthcore family of products is the Burnie Grill. Burnie Grill is a self-contained, portable, single-use fire you can take virtually anywhere. No need to gather wood or lighter fluid, because the Burnie is made from natural alder wood and lights with just one match. It’s 100% natural – all wood, zero chemicals – and environmentally friendly – no waste, no cleanup. To learn more or to purchase your Burnie, please visit www.burniegrill.com!


We Make Fire… Better.